WARRIOR of the heartTM

                                                                                                                       Dojo and training seminars for enlightened achievement and empowerment


      入身   (entering  into)

                                          Welcome to the Warrior of the Heart

Presenting seminars and experiential trainings- developing the capacity for centered and wise actions in dynamic times. Designed with both individual and organizational development in mind. 

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We use Experiential Learning, Aikido and Art of Hosting methods as our organizing principles,  learning and practicing :

•    Living centered in decisive and compassionate action.

•    Wielding my “sword” with kindness.

•    Finding true ground while in action.

•    Forming and maintaining self organized community.

•    Training in the company of friends and “mates”.

•    Restoring “Circle” as a natural means.

•    The art of gifting as an act of power.

 •   Enhancing life with skillful actions.


When graceful “warrior” qualities such as clear awareness, commitment, courage and integrity are clearly grounded in individual behavior... good leadership follows.

Trail to Niwot Ridge, Colorado

A Warrior of the Heart is someone who courageously steps up in skillful service to what is needed now, while actively perfecting powerful and wise actions in their community and in the world.

Warrior of the Heart training uses physical practices of techniques designed to raise questions, inquiries and learning, which we can then bring to dialogue.  This pulsation between the physical and  the conversational is very powerful and represents an incredibly holistic form of inquiry and self-defense.   

It is a fierce and gentle way we are training in, to develop the courage and abilities to bring trust to where there has only been cynicism, mistrust and abuse. We practice coming back to our ground, a personal ground of sincerity, courage, wisdom and full participation in life. We are inviting each other to step up to our next phase of who we are…to say yes to wisely stepping forward into our power to help, and to say no to the destructive things we find happening in the world.

“There has been a tendency in many people of separating personal development from business development. Yet how can we reasonably expect real change in our “business as usual” unless we also change the way individuals work? Without strong, centered, and courageous people willing to step forward and do the right work in the right ways, and without leaders supporting their development, no wise changes will ever really succeed.”

“It is in ones ability for honest presence and skillful actions that the sustained success of any endeavor is always determine, and not just in the techniques or methods being used. Warrior of the Heart™ leads people into practices that increase their personal capacity for clarity and vigor, abilities that are required to not only succeed but to thrive even in the most difficult situations.”